Igor Starkov




In Autumn 2010 my mother started her interest in photography.
Step by step it was taking up her more and more.
Some day I understood that every evening I talk on skype with not a
relative but а beginner photographer who wants to become a
professional as soon as possible.
I  was scared since I know many photographers but I had only one mother.
It's not a pleasure to have to listen every evening about shooting and
technical sides of photography when you want to catch a break after
Mother was learning fast, 30 years of working in museum was not a waste.
Composition, light, dynamics - for a few months she get the way that
young people need a few years.
When I understood that it is impossible to return previous mother,  I
presented her a snapshot camera Olympus and two spools of black and
white roll films.
Perhaps, It's no so bad to have passion with something in 59 years. It
is like to start a new life.
We went out of the city on the Finland gulf where I could make some
portraits of my mother at the moment she was taking photos of me.