Igor Starkov

moscow zoo



In December, 2011 into Russian-speaking community of Facebook there were a lot of references to animals like hamsters, penguins, monkeys and the smallest creatures - plankton.
I have understood that it was a sign From above and I should make urgently a series of photos about the Moscow Zoo, I was going to to do it for a long time, but there wasn't an occasion.
The Moscow Zoo  is definitely better than the Saint Petersburg Zoo, the animals are well-groomed , nice renovation was made everywhere, the alleys are cleaned, and, as a whole, all is much more lively.
The Moscow animals hit the jackpot they are well looked after, they are well nourished, they are provided comfortable microclimate and pleasant illumination in their dwellings, they have free health services and of course the round-the-clock security.
Cages and pennages are beautifully decorated, each animal's apartment has the unique interior representing native landscapes of the owner of square meters.
Many fat ducks of uncharacteristic coloring for Moscow swim in the pond of the zoo, even in the winter they don't leave for warm countries, nobody holds them, but they don't depart.
They quack something in the duck language and fight for bread crumbs with which they are fed up by soft-hearted Moscow pensioners.
Sometimes animals escape from cages for some reasons like a hormonal splash, a psychological crisis, problems in private life, bad relations with zoo administration - there are many different causes.
But still no one left far, motley parrots from Indonesia died of hunger and cold, and large-teethed fugitives were shot.
Here predators and vegetarians, reptiles and birds live nearby, like that it never doesn't happen in the nature, the rodent, caught the eye of python will be by all means killed, cocks and hens is a quite good snack for gray wolves.
The law of the  jungle says "the might makes right" but in a zoo all perfectly rub along together, only they shout loudly, but it is not prohibited to nobody.
Wise people say that abroad even more comfortable conditions are created  for animals, cages were cancelled a long time ago, now  instead of them are spacious lawns and open-air cages, where animals feel as on freedom.
I'm not sure that  the meal is better abroad, but to live as on freedom and to use the benefits of a zoo is absolutely not bad.
Though a zoo is a zoo, it means cash desk on an entrance, security, signs on alleys, children writhing in convulsions at the sight of monkeys, young girls who dream to take home a big pussy cat,
and brutal men taking photos of each other against wolves.
Foreign animals sometimes revolt and escape too , the reasons can be others, but for those who breaks rules all comes to an end similarly.
In the childhood I didn't like to look at animals in cages, I represented myself on their place, and it made me afraid.
When i was a teenager I was sure that all zoos need to be destroyed as a vestige of medieval cruelty, and all prisoners need to be set free.
Now I glad of everything about zoo, the animals are full and well-groomed,  their flats are beautiful, and I have a nice opportunity to observe them, without leaving the  city.